Senator Roth Introduces Bills on Child Abuse Prevention, Mental Health Access and Substance Abuse Education

December 05, 2022

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside) introduced three bills demonstrating a range of priorities for the upcoming 2023-2024 legislative session.

Senate Bill (SB) 47 requires an investigator, upon receiving a report of child abuse or neglect, to visit the child in person within 48 hours to determine if the child needs to be removed from the home. In 2019, the death of Corona resident, eight-year-old Noah McIntosh, could’ve been prevented if Noah was removed from the abusive home sooner.

“It is imperative that kids like Noah no longer suffer or lose their lives as the result of inaction” said Senator Roth. “That ends today with us demanding a swifter and more thorough response to reports of child abuse.”

Senate Bill (SB) 45 establishes the California Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital Revolving Loan Fund. The Fund would provide a zero-interest loan for the on-local match component of an acute care psychiatric hospital project repayable over 30 years.

Senator Roth shared: “Due to the shortage of psychiatric hospital beds across the state and lack of access to them, folks experiencing a mental health crisis find themselves on the street, in emergency rooms and even in jail. Ensuring the availability of psychiatric beds is one tool to help us address the mental health crisis.”

Senate Bill (SB) 46 broadens the definition of controlled substance education for divertees, probationers, and prisoners, and requires the court to recommend in writing that a defendant convicted of a felony for a controlled substance offense participate in a controlled substance education or treatment program while imprisoned.

Senator Roth said, “This bill ensures that treatment and education is provided and required of those convicted of a felony for drugs. We must stop the cycle that puts these folks in jail over and over again, and provide them the tools to stay out of prison for good. ”

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