Senate District 31

SD 31 keeps the city of Riverside intact with the communities of Corona, Moreno Valley, Norco, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Riverside, and Perris. This district maintains the community of interest around the March Air Reserve Base as well as the shared animal-keeping interests in Norco and Corona. This district recognizes the geographic separation of Moreno Valley at the Beaumont Pass. This district is characterized by common interests of a joint powers agreement over March Air Reserve Base, common transportation corridors, and multiple community colleges have their extensions in the district. Corona and Norco share a common school district. Eastvale and Norco share common watershed interests in the Santa Ana River and common fire and public safety issues.


Deferred Area of Senate District 31

Every 10 years after the US Census Data is released, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission draws new lines for representation that is reflective of the population changes. Senate districts have a unique issue that Assembly and Congressional districts do not have. Of the Senate districts established, only the even-numbered districts went into effect for the 2022 election cycle. The new odd-numbered districts will not go into effect until the 2024 election cycle. This means some members of the population do not have representation until 2024 when the next election cycle happens. These geographic areas are referred to as “deferred.” However, the Senate wants to ensure that anyone living in a deferred area is still represented by a California State Senator and therefore has been assigned a Senator to represent them until the next election occurs in 2 years.

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Senate District 31 Maps

The deferred area include portions of Colton, Fontana, Grand Terrace, Rancho Cucamonga, and balance of San Bernardino County.

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2020 Census Population

Name Count Percent
Total Population 1,011,795 100.00%
Hispanic or Latino 578,208 57.15%
Not Hispanic or Latino (NH) 433,587 42.85%
NH Population of one race 403,083 39.84%
NH White alone 227,057 22.44%
NH Black or African American alone 79,384 7.85%
NH Asian alone 84,900 8.39%
NH American Indian and Alaska Native alone 3,046 0.30%
NH Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 3,232 0.32%
NH Some Other Race alone 5,464 0.54%
NH Population of two or more races 30,504 3.01%


Counties In District

Name Count


Riverside 1,011,795 41.84%


Places In District

Name Count Percent
RIVERSIDE: Corona(C) 157,136 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Coronita(U) 2,639 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Eastvale(C) 69,757 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: El Cerrito(U) 5,058 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: El Sobrante(U) 0 0.00%
RIVERSIDE: Highgrove(U) 7,515 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Home Gardens(U) 11,203 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Jurupa Valley(C) 105,053 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: March ARB(U) 809 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Mead Valley(U) 18,990 95.82%
RIVERSIDE: Moreno Valley(C) 208,634 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Norco(C) 26,316 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Perris(C) 78,700 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Riverside(C) 314,998 100.00%
RIVERSIDE: Temescal Valley(U) 82 0.31%
RIVERSIDE: Remainder of Riverside(R) 4,905 6.32%