District Accomplishments


Constituent issue with DMV: Constituent had an error on his driver’s license that kept him from applying for naturalization. Through one of our citizenship workshops he learned that our office could assist in contacting the DMV. The constituent is now awaiting his naturalization interview with USCIS. 

Constituent issue with MediCalConstituent is a DACA recipient and was granted emergency MediCal (MC) by the local DPSS office. She contacted our office and with our help she was successfully enrolled in full-scope MC.

Riverside Refugee Family - Social Services:   Our office assisted the family in resolving their issues with Riverside DPSS. Their benefits were processed and issued appropriately.

Constituent Issue with EDD:  An Unemployment Insurance applicant won her appeal and was promised by the judge that she would receive her payment by the end of the month so she can pay her rent.  When the payment did not come, our office was able to ensure that she received her award and did not lose her home.

Constituent issue with CDCR:  At the request of the inmate's family, we contacted CDCR to ensure that he is receiving continued medical attention for his medical condition.

Brightwood College-CalVet:  Brightwood College has a campus in Riverside, and was trying to receive approval for one of its courses but was having trouble. Our office contacted CalVet (CSAAVE) in order to get an update after Brightwood had not received a timely response. Brightwood received word that its Electrical Tech Program was finally approved.

Constituent issue with FTB:  A constituent contacted the office requesting that his tax record be reflected as having filed 2016 taxes. He received notice from the FTB that he had not filed 2016 taxes although he had received a 2016 refund from that tax year. We contacted FTB and had his records reflect that he had, in fact, filed for the 2016 tax year.

Constituent issue with DTSC:  A constituent was trying to update his Hazardous Waste Transporters license that should have been registered with DTSC. DTSC's registry didn't reflect the constituent’s transporters license as current.  We contacted DTSC, sent in the constituent’s paperwork and DTSC promptly updated his license status.

Special Projects

Pathways to Law: Riverside City College is one of 24 California Community Colleges selected to participate in a new initiative with the State Bar of California that will provide students a smoother pathway to six of California’s top law schools. Our office will provide internship opportunities to those interested and I will also participate in their mentorship program.

Nursing Collaborative: Our office is working with RCC, CSUSB, and CSUF to develop a curriculum that will make it more accessible for RCC Nursing students to transfer to a CSU and obtain their BSN in four years.

DTSC Cleanup of Ag Park: Our office is continuing to monitor the testing of the Ag Park site and neighborhood by the Department of Toxic Substances Control. The on-site clean-up is complete with final lab results and a report pending. The on-site clean-up took 297 field days, during which 7,367 soil samples were taken and 12,619 truckloads of soil were excavated and removed from the site. 27 residences and properties have been sampled off-site.