Senator Roth’s Statement on Governor’s Veto of Senate Bill 251

October 12, 2015

Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside) issued the following statement on the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 251:

“I was baffled to receive a voicemail Saturday morning from the Governor’s office informing me that SB 251, a proposal with widespread bipartisan support in the Legislature, had been vetoed.

“I am even more confused about his veto message. The disabled community and small business owners agreed the tax credit was a wise and prudent part of this proposal.  Neither side raised any issue of concern with it over the course of our year-long negotiations.

“This Governor has signed tax credits into law considerably higher than the one proposed by SB 251.  In fact, this Governor signed one of my bills containing a robust tax credit into law last year.  However, when the time came to sign SB 251, this Governor felt a relatively inexpensive tax credit outweighed the need to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act while protecting small business owners.

“Our region has always had to fight for its fair share from Sacramento.  My job is to fight for Inland Southern California and represent all of my constituents.  I intend to continue fighting for our region and I intend to win.”

A fact sheet on SB 251 as sent to the Governor is attached for your immediate reference.

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