Senator Roth’s Proposal to Protect Small Businesses, Ensure ADA Compliance Approved by Senate Judiciary Committee

May 12, 2015

Senator Richard D. Roth’s (D-Riverside) proposal to protect California’s small businesses and the disabled community was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today on a bipartisan vote.

“I thank my colleagues for supporting this common-sense, balanced measure to protect the disabled community and small businesses,” said Senator Roth.  “Senate Bill 251 is a critical step in guaranteeing access for disabled Californians by providing small businesses with the tools and resources necessary to comply with state and federal disability access laws.”

Due to a lack of education and resources, many businesses throughout California have found themselves out of compliance with state and federal disability access laws.  This situation has prevented Californians in the disability community from having full and equal access to facilities and services.

Supported by the California Chamber of Commerce as a “job creator,” SB 251 is a narrowly crafted provision to provide businesses with much needed disability access education, resources and training, and allows small businesses that have been proactive in identifying access issues a reasonable amount of time to fix any problems identified before a lawsuit arises.  SB 251 also provides substantial tax incentives in an attempt to ensure full and fair access for all Californians.

Senator Roth said: “I will continue working to protect both small businesses as well as the rights of the disabled as SB 251 moves forward.  A reasonable, common-sense approach to this issue is critical not only to protect disabled Californians, but to Inland Southern California’s recovering economy.”

SB 251 will next be heard by the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance.

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