Senate Bill 45
Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital Infrastructure Fund

SB 45 establishes the California Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital Revolving Loan Fund (Fund).    The Fund would provide a loan for the non-local match component of an acute care psychiatric hospital project. 

Senate Bill 46
Controlled Substance Education

SB 46 broadens the definition of controlled substance education for divertees, probationers, and prisoners. It would require programs to include education on the dangers of controlled substances, extreme danger of ingestion or exposure to controlled substances, and dangers to human life.

Senate Bill 47
Child abuse or neglect: reports

SB 47 prioritizes the safety of children whom are suspected victims of abuse or neglect by requiring investigating agencies to have more immediate, in-person contact with the subjects of the report.

Senate Bill 75

SB 75 would authorize 26 new superior court judgeships, upon receiving funding.  If funded in the budget, any new judgeships would be allocated to counties in the State in accordance with the Judicial Council's Judicial Needs Assessment.

Senate Bill 95
Commercial Transactions

SB 95 would update the California Commercial Code to address a limited, but important, set of circumstances, mainly transactions involving emerging technologies such as electronic payment rights, virtual currencies, distributed ledger technologies, and, to some extent, artificial intelligence. 

Senate Bill 228
Riverside Youth Challenge Academy

SB 228 lays the groundwork for the creation of a Youth Challenge Program in Western Riverside County. The Challenge Program provides an alternative educational opportunity set in a quasi-military environment for student’s ages 16-18 who have dropped out of school or who are otherwise not progressing towards graduation.

Senate Bill 258
General Aviation Airport Funding Needs Assessment 

SB 258 would require the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to prepare a needs assessment for the state’s general aviation airports and provide recommendations to address any funding shortfall. 

Senate Bill 349
Criminal Procedure: Competence to Stand Trial

SB 349 would clarify that a certificate of restoration of mental competence shall apply to any pending case against a criminal defendant at the time the defendant was restored to competence.

Senate Bill 419 
Aerospace Tax Policy Extension

Existing state law enacted in 2014, supported by an opinion by the Board of Equalization, states that tangible personal property designed to be launched into space is considered “inventory,” not subject to property tax. SB 419 seeks to extend that successful policy for another 10 years.

Senate Bill 595 
Covered California Data Sharing

SB 595 would enable Covered California to conduct targeted outreach to people who apply for unemployment insurance by utilizing information collected and shared by the Employee Development Department (EDD).

Senate Bill 641 
Naloxone Distribution Expansion

SB 641 will reduce California opioid overdose deaths by requiring the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) to provide all FDA approved formulations and dosage strengths of naloxone or other medication created to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose to eligible NDP applicants. This bill will ensure police, schools, and other first responders have the right tools to prevent opioid deaths.

Senate Bill 748
ADA Disclosure for Small Businesses

SB 748 requires a city or a county to provide an applicant, at the time of issuance or renewal of a business license, a disclosure notice stating that receipt of the business license does not mean that their business has been determined to be in compliance with state and federal disability access laws.

Senate Bill 802
Licensing boards: disqualification from licensure: criminal conviction

SB 802 ensures that applicants for licensure by a program within the Department of Consumer Affairs are made aware within 30 days if their license is denied based on a prior criminal conviction.

Senate Bill 818 
Department of Consumer Affairs: terms of office: fingerprinting

SB 818 updates various sections of the Business and Professions Code in order to reflect the name changes of programs. The measure ensures that the California Board of Naturopathic Medicine, formerly the Naturopathic Medicine Committee, receives criminal background information about applicants through fingerprints. The measure also makes a technical change to reference to the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 13
Joseph Tavaglione Interchange

SCR 13 would designate the interchange where State Highway Routes 60 and 91 meet Interstate 215 in the County of Riverside as the Joseph Tavaglione Interchange.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 
Deputy Isaiah Cordero Highway

SCR 16 would designate a specified portion of State Highway Route 60 in the County of Riverside as the Deputy Isaiah A. Cordero Memorial Highway. This bill is in honor of Riverside Deputy Sheriff Cordero, who was killed in the line of Duty last December. 

Senate Joint Resolution 3 
City of Eastvale Independent ZIP Code

SJR 3 urges the U.S. Congress to collaborate with President Biden to authorize assigning the City of Eastvale an independent Zoning Improvement Plan (ZIP) Code.