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Senator Richard Roth

Dear Friends:

As the legislative session enters its final weeks at the State Capitol in Sacramento, I wanted to keep you up to date about news on proposed new laws.

It was reported earlier this year that several state agencies had misreported balances on financial statements to the Department of Finance. While serious cuts were being made across the board to state programs due to the global economic recession, these agencies were found to have been hiding large sums of money that were not accounted for in the state budget.

On Monday, August 26, the State Senate passed Senate Bill 801, which I authored, on a unanimous, bipartisan vote. SB 801 requires that all financial statements be certified under penalty of perjury by department heads, and violations can result in a prison term of up to four years. SB 801 is now before the Governor for his consideration and signature into law.

Government has an important responsibility when it comes to using taxpayer money. To me, this means government needs to spend taxpayer money in an efficient and responsible manner and be accountable for how that money is spent.

Please let me know if you have concerns or if I can be of any assistance on any legislative or other state issue.

Please contact the link below or call my office. My staff and I are here to serve you and I always appreciate your thoughts, comments and concerns.


Senator, 31st District

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