Senator Roth Issues Statement on Assembly Bills 398 & 617

July 17, 2017

Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside) issued the following statement on his support of Assembly Bills 398 and 617:

“Public service is about working together. I came to Sacramento to work with all sides to get things done. AB 398 and AB 617 are bipartisan measures which will help us continue to improve our region and state’s air quality while providing key stakeholders and industries with the flexibility they need to meet our shared clean air goals.

“I have lived in Inland Southern California long enough to remember how poor air quality drastically harmed our quality of life. I have also witnessed firsthand the positive change in our air quality over the last 30 years – a change owed in large part to our state’s bipartisan commitment to improving our air quality and public health for all Californians. AB 398 and AB 617 will help ensure that we continue this positive legacy with a collaborative and thoughtful approach.

“This bipartisan compromise also makes critical investments in public safety, enhancing the ability of our firefighters to protect families and their homes, as well as in California’s future emergency readiness. It accomplishes this while saving constituents hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees each year.

“In the absence of these critical proposals, the alternative would have placed much greater burdens on the pocketbooks of all Californians. This bipartisan compromise will ensure we continue to make measured, positive strides towards improving our state’s public health for decades to come.”