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May 03, 2018

You hire a contractor to replace your roof and paint your house, then end up on the hook for more than a quarter million dollars. It happened to a Los Angeles man. And others have shared similar home improvement nightmares with the NBC4 I-Team.

April 23, 2018

A name long associated with transportation in the Inland region may soon be on a sign announcing commuters’ approach to the complex 60-91-215 interchange near downtown Riverside. A state senator is carrying legislation that would name the interchange in honor of Joseph Tavaglione...

April 10, 2018

By Joe Michaels

A legislative bill being introduced at the State Capitol would give California drivers an easy way to help the homeless.

Senator Richard Roth is behind an effort to create a specialized license plate using a hashtag as one of its seven digits.  Money raised would fund supportive services at Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention programs.

“These are men and women who have served our country,” said Senator Roth.  “It’s our solemn duty to make sure that we provide a path for them out of homelessness so they can succeed in society.”

April 04, 2018

By James Rojas

The hashtag movement may be jumping from social media to the highway. 

“#BOOTFC” You might be reading that while stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway if Democratic Senator Richard Roth’s bill, SB 1112, passes. 

The Riverside lawmaker says it would allow drivers to personalize their license plate with a hashtag – with that fee going towards providing supportive services for homeless vets. 

March 02, 2018

By Teri Sforza and Tony Saavedra

People looking to quit alcohol or other drugs typically find treatment the same way they might search for take-out food or a mechanic – by typing search words into Google.

Once there, addicts and their families can get trapped in a tangle of lies.

The deception has taken many forms:

— Competitors hijack online traffic from established centers by buying common misspellings and iterations of rehab names and key phrases.

February 01, 2018

By Teri Sforza and Tony Saavedra

California’s troubled addiction treatment industry may face stricter oversight and a raft of new requirements in 2018, as lawmakers try to protect vulnerable patients and reduce blatant fraud.

After reports of death, sexual assault, drug use and paying-for-patients inside the state’s loosely-regulated treatment centers, the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday called a dozen witnesses to explain the Golden State’s approach to the industry — and map out a plan to to tame the “Wild Wild West.”

January 31, 2018

By Richard K. De Atley

A bill has passed the state Senate that would add one new justice to the Riverside-based division of the state Fourth District Court of Appeal, where a huge caseload has forced the backlogged court to send hundreds of cases to appellate court divisions in Santa Ana or San Diego.

January 25, 2018

By Ben Bradford

California state Senators rushed from the State of the State address to adopt a new rule—and prevent the return of a lawmaker accused of sexual harassment.

The rule allows the five-member Rules Committee, currently led by Democratic state Senate leader Kevin De León, to extend a Senator’s leave of absence, when they’ve voluntarily taken one.

Authors of legislation usually pitch why it’s necessary, but de León introduced the resolution this way.

“I think it’s pretty self-explanatory,” said de León.

January 18, 2018

By Sarah Jones

David and Louise Turpin shackled their 13 children and starved them in filthy conditions for years, and nobody knew it until Sunday. They hid in “plain sight,” we’re told. Neighbors in Perris, California, informed The Los Angeles Times that the family seemed peculiar. According to some, they only emerged at night. Another said he could see the children circling for hours in place in front of a window.

January 17, 2018

By Michael Balsamo and Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press

City officials couldn't find any records that the fire marshal conducted required annual inspections at a California home that doubled as a private school where authorities say 13 malnourished siblings were kept captive in filthy conditions by their parents.

On Wednesday, a state lawmaker for the area said he's considering introducing legislation requiring state officials to conduct at least annual walkthroughs of schools.