California Legislation to Streamline Community College Credits to Military Personnel and Veterans Approved

August 19, 2018

Last week, military personnel and veterans planning to go to college enjoyed an important victory that will streamline their education opportunities at community colleges. The Assembly Appropriations Committee passed SB 1071, which will require that California Community Colleges implement a uniform policy for awarding course credit to veterans for their prior military education, training and service.

“I am proud to help put the finishing touches on this piece of legislation that my former colleague, Senator Josh Newman worked so hard on,” said Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside). “Men and women who step up to serve this country should not have to worry about their access to education. This bill will guarantee their opportunity to enhance and expand their skill base as they transition from a life in uniform.”

Many members of the military seek to further their education when returning to civilian life. When enrolling in the California Community College system, they often find it difficult to predict what coursework credits they may already be entitled to based off of their previous training and experience. SB 1071 will streamline that transitional process.

Senator Roth continued: “It is important to recognize the critical skill set our military members and veterans gain by virtue of their service. This bill honors their willing sacrifice by doing just that.”