State Senate Sends Measure Helping Riverside County’s Newest Cities to Governor

September 11, 2015

Senate Bill 107 includes critical provisions to erase debt incurred by Riverside County cities as a result of 2011 Vehicle License Fee shift

Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside) issued the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill 107, the local government budget trailer bill providing a major victory for Riverside County’s newest cities:

“I am thrilled my colleagues in the Senate have joined me in approving SB 107, which will provide a small but significant measure of equity to our cities.  I am pleased a compromise has finally been reached that addresses the concerns of a majority of stakeholders and upholds the agreement made by the Administration to assist our cities.

“These cities, through no fault of their own, lost a funding source every other new city has historically received.  That’s why I have fought to save Riverside County’s newest cities since day one.

“I would like to especially thank my colleagues who chose to stand with our cities by voting for this measure, and I am looking forward to the Governor’s approval so our cities can finally clear the ledger and live another day.”

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