Senator Roth’s Proposal to Restore Funding to Riverside County’s Newest Cities Passes State Assembly

September 01, 2015

Senator Richard D. Roth’s (D-Riverside) fight to save Riverside County’s four newest cities moved forward today as Senate Bill 25, his proposal to restore funding to those cities, passed the State Assembly on a bipartisan, unanimous vote of 70-0.

Senator Roth said, “Restoring funding to Riverside County’s four newest cities has been one of my highest priorities in the state Senate.  These cities lost funding through no fault of their own, and SB 25 is a critical measure that will ensure our region receives its fair share from Sacramento.”

In 2011, one of the steps the Legislature took to close the State’s massive budget gap was to pass Senate Bill 89 which eliminated Vehicle License Fee (VLF) revenue allocated to newly incorporated cities and annexed areas. Senate Bill 25 restores this funding to the new cities, which every other newly incorporated city in California had received.

Senator Roth continued: “I am looking forward to sending SB 25 to the Governor and having him sign this long overdue measure of fairness and equity for Riverside County’s newest cities.”

SB 25 now returns to the state Senate for a procedural, “concurrence” vote.  Once concurred by the state Senate, SB 25 will go to the Governor for his signature.

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