Statement on the Arrest of Rodolfo Dehoyos

May 07, 2015

Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside) issued the following statement on the arrest of Rodolfo Dehoyos:

“I commend the Riverside District Attorney’s Office and the Riverside Police Department for their efforts to ensure Mr. Dehoyos no longer takes advantage of our community at the expense of civil rights and small business owners.

“Mr. Dehoyos’ alleged crimes are an inexcusable exploitation of a system meant to protect the rights of the disabled.  Mr. Dehoyos has committed unconscionable and irreparable harm to our community by targeting small mom-and-pop businesses in the name of civil rights, diverting critical resources away from actual, legitimate complaints for his own private interests.

“Unfortunately, this type of situation has become all too common. Our disabled community deserves better than to have its civil rights exploited for personal or financial gain and our community cannot afford to have such exploitation continue.

“I am continuing to work with a wide range of stakeholders on a legislative solution that sustains the civil rights of the disabled community by ensuring small businesses have the tools and resources necessary to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  By ensuring compliance with the law, we can ensure that both small business owners as well as the civil rights of the disabled are protected.”

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