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September 17, 2015

State Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Temecula was so outraged when state lawmakers stripped vehicle license fee revenue from cities in 2011, he called for California to be split in two.

But as the state legislative session wound down last week, Stone voted against a bill that would have provided relief to four cities – Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Wildomar and Menifee – that were especially hard hit by the fees’ diversion. His opposition put him at odds with another Inland senator, Democrat Richard Roth of Riverside.

September 16, 2015


Had the citizens of Wildomar, Menifee, Eastvale and Jurupa Valley known a decade ago what they know today, they might have had second thoughts about becoming, respectively, Riverside County’s 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th incorporated cities.

September 14, 2015

Two options to help Riverside County’s newest cities -- Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar -- are still alive and on the governor’s desk.

The first, SB 25, would restore vehicle license fee revenue to the four cities, all of which incorporated after 2007. State lawmakers diverted that money in 2011, a move that hit the cities especially hard, since newer cities relied on vehicle license fees to a greater degree than more established municipalities.

September 13, 2015

Same issue. Different year.

A bill that would restore funding diverted in 2011 from the state’s four newest cities – all in Riverside County – has landed on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. Again.

Officials in Eastvale, Wildomar, Menifee and Jurupa Valley, stung by Brown’s two previous vetoes of bills that would have restored state funding to them, were pragmatic about whether the governor would sign SB25 into law.

September 11, 2015

Business owners and the disability community scored a notable victory last week. The California Assembly approved Senate Bill 251 Thursday, expanding protections of small business owners from frivolous lawsuits and providing greater opportunities for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

“I am pleased the Assembly approved my commonsense measure to increase compliance with the ADA law,” said the bill’s author, state Sen. Richard Roth, D-Riverside, in a statement. “SB251 gives businesses the tools, resources and education necessary to comply with the law and increase access for all Californians.”

September 04, 2015


Friends and foes of two bills intended to fight climate change in California agree the legislation would have profound effects on Inland residents, where air pollution and reliance on cars are facts of life.

The Senate bills’ supporters say the legislation would improve air quality in this region, which just missed a longstanding federal deadline to reduce small particulate emissions linked to a variety of health problems.

September 03, 2015

By a MetNews Staff Writer

A bill that would fund 12 new superior court judgeships, including one in Los Angeles County, was unanimously approved yesterday by the state Assembly.

September 01, 2015

By BEA KARNES (Patch Staff)

Legislation to provide overdue revenue to four Riverside County cities was unanimously approved today by the state Assembly.

“I am looking forward to sending this bill to the governor and having him sign this long overdue measure of fairness and equity,” said Sen. Richard Roth, D-Riverside. “Restoring funding to Riverside County’s four newest cities has been one of my highest priorities in the Senate.”

August 30, 2015

The lawsuits sprouted like spring poppies over the past few years, spreading south from Sacramento – first to Stockton, then Manteca and Ripon, finally to Modesto’s doorstep. The targets were small businesses, and the allegation was always the same: Violations of disability access laws.

Merchants cried foul and dubbed them shakedown lawsuits, meant to score a quick buck rather than boost access to folks in wheelchairs. The duel over disability access landed in the state Capitol. But this year, both the tone and the substance of the debate are different, and there’s hope that real progress is at hand.

August 25, 2015

California legislators on Tuesday rejected a proposed audit of Planned Parenthood in the wake of a videos spotlighting the organization’s role in providing fetal tissue for medical research.