2015-16 Legislation

SB 22 - This bill will create a voluntary public-private partnership to fund additional Graduate Medical Education (GME) residency positions throughout the State of California. SB 22 will provide for the training of more primary care physicians throughout the state, and provide more doctors to severely underserved areas.

SB 25 - California’s Vehicle License Fee has been a significant source of general purpose revenue to cities since 1935 when it was established in lieu of the taxation of motor vehicles in the local property tax system. Section 15 of Article XI of the California Constitution had required that these revenues be allocated among cities and counties. In 2011, the legislature eliminated Vehicle License Fee (VLF) revenue which especially impacted funding for Riverside County’s newly incorporated cities – Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar. This bill proposes a new funding source critical to stabilize Riverside’s new cities and provide them with a funding source every other city in California has received.

SB 112 -  California has the largest veteran population of any state, but has never expressly codified veterans' rights into law.  Other states and nations, namely Massachusetts and Canada, have affirmed basic veterans’ rights as law, in part to combat growing concerns over delayed or denied services and benefits.  Vital components of these various bills of rights have been the affirmation of veterans’ rights to be involved in the decisions affecting their daily lives, to experience transparency, courtesy and immediacy in interacting with organizations that serve them, and to transition back to civilian life without retaliation or stigma.

SB 112 - The California Veterans’ Bill of Rights, protects returning military service members by affirming that veterans residing in California have certain basic, fundamental rights.

SB 130 - Funds supportive services for veterans at risk of homelessness or experiencing temporary or chronic homelessness by establishing a grant program for applicants of Proposition 41 bond money.  SB 130 will require the California Housing Finance Agency, the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs to create a grant process for the purposes of funding supportive services for veterans.  These services will include job training, mental health and drug treatment, case management, care coordination and physical rehabilitation. The grants will be available to organizations applying for Prop 41 bond money in order to create supportive housing for homeless and at-risk veterans.

SB 229 - Appropriates $16,015,000 to fund 10 of the 50 Superior Court judgeships previously authorized by AB 159 (Jones, 2007), and establish 1 additional Appellate Court Justiceship.

SB 251 - California and federal law attempt to strike a critical balance between protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and rewarding good-faith efforts to make businesses open and accessible to all of its customers. To further these goals, the Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act (CRASCA) was enacted to lower the civil liability of businesses that have their locations inspected for compliance with disability access standards by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and make any changes necessary to ensure compliance with construction related accessibility standards.

SB 251 - Proposes minor revisions to CRASCA and related provisions to clarify existing law.

SB 335 - This bill would establish that a homeowner who has purchased an earthquake insurance policy, has been charged an extra premium or deductible because the home does not meet specified building standards, and subsequently retrofits their home during the period of the policy to meet those standards, is entitled to a pro-rata refund of excess premium or deductible paid for the remaining term of the policy once they submit information to the insurer verifying that the retrofits have been performed. 

SB 335 - This bill was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on July 15, 2015.

SB 336 - This bill makes clear that premium discounts for homes that are insured by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) and have been retrofitted to withstand earthquake damage must be at least 5%, or higher if actuarially sound.

SB 536 - The eight armories identified in this proposal have reached the end of their service life and are no longer practical or safe for the California National Guard (CNG) Soldiers to assemble and train in. The ongoing maintenance costs required by these armories deplete the Guard’s limited maintenance budget. Pursuant to Military and Veterans Code Section 435, the CMD would like to sell these armories and deposit any net proceeds into the Armory Fund to be used for the future renovation and repair of operational National Guard Armories. The sale of CMD properties that are no longer usable represents a critical source of income for the Armory Fund, and goes toward fulfilling the State’s responsibility of maintaining the aging inventory of operational armories.

SB 696 - Insurers must set aside funds, called “reserves,” to pay anticipated claims. Reserves are calculated according a 150-year-old formula designed for whole life insurance policies. SB 696 will update the method used to calculate needed reserves to reflect the complexity and risk of modern life insurance products.

SCR 38 - This resolution designates a portion of State Highway Route 91 in Riverside County as a memorial honoring 3 Medal of Honor recipients: Staff Sergeant Salvador J. Lara, Staff Sergeant Ysmael R. Villegas and Sergeant Jesus S. Duran.