2017 Legislation

SB 37/ Budget Bill SB 130 – This bill restores previously available Vehicle License Fee (VLF) funding to California’s four newest cities – Jurupa Valley, Eastvale, Menifee, and Wildomar. The funding was taken away in 2011 to help close the state’s budget gap amid the Great Recession.

SB 39/ Budget Bill AB 103 – This bill reallocates four vacant judgeships from counties that are identified as having an excess number of judges to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. It accomplishes this goal without affecting existing funding sources for support staff in the counties where the judges are reallocated.

SB 40 – This bill requires that strangulation and suffocation be included in existing domestic violence police reports filed when a call for assistance is made. It also expands California’s tracking of this type of violence and provides crucial information to victims. It will help to save lives by giving law enforcement a tool to track abusers in our communities.

SB 324 – This bill allows for a city or county custodial officer, who is not a fully sworn peace officer, to carry a firearm in county jail for the purpose of using less lethal rounds in specified situations. This legislation requires officers to receive specialized training for the use of firearms that are loaded with less lethal ammunition.

SB 339 – This bill commissioned a one-year statewide assessment of Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC) to identify and recommend best practices. In doing so, this bill will allow counties with VTCs to better utilize their resources while allowing counties without VTCs to identify and address barriers to providing services to veterans.

SB 351 – This bill allows hospitals to secure additional specialty licenses so that they can provide sterile compounding pharmaceutical services to patients, while operating at a location separate from the hospital’s physical plant. This measure also allows an acute care hospital to obtain a hospital pharmacy license to provide pharmaceutical services to patients separate from the hospital’s physical plant.

SB 438 – This bill allows a state or county welfare department to appoint a successor guardian for children, who are placed with a non-familial guardian, while in the child welfare system. By allowing a court to assess and appoint a prospective guardian, this bill will help children avoid the potential turmoil of the foster care system if their original guardian is incapacitated or dies.

SB 540 – This bill creates greater certainty in the housing development approval process by allowing cities to create Workforce Housing Opportunity Zones where a single CEQA environmental impact report will be completed in the zone. This will allow developers a five year window of certainty that all environmental considerations have been taken into account and fully litigated. Each zone will include a significant affordable housing component to help address the need for additional low to moderate income housing units throughout the state.